Leadership & Management Development

Great managers inspire people they invoke feelings of loyalty and accomplishment. Today perhaps more than at any time in the past 10 years employees need a different style of management.  Initiative, innovation and empowerment are buzz words that ring empty without direction and a sense of purpose and identity. Managing is more about understanding people and motivating people than it is about systems and processes, as important as they are. We believe that great managers are not born they are trained and developed

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Sales & Presentation Skills

Selling is as much about the sales person as it is about product or technique. The old saying that ‘people buy from people’ is so true especially when the sales relationship is seen from a long term view rather than a one-off. Our approach is all about developing and enhancing those characteristics that build rapport quickly and establish a relationship where the sales person is seen as a collaborative problem solver.

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Event Facilitation

The real benefits of successful event facilitation are manifest in the accomplishment of event objectives and a list of 'to do's' that is taken away by each participant. It is about managing an agenda, prioritising and keeping to time. It is about capturing ideas and channeling enthusiasm. It is about articulating outcomes and creating a sense of direction and perhaps above all, leaving people feeling that they know what they need to do next. Event facilitation is shadow leadership at its best.

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